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Is it right for me to become emotionally involved with people?
Women claim that they love sensitive guys. Well, I'm as sensitive as an instrument calibrated to 0.00000000000001 decimal points.


It's a Science joke.


Uhh... anyway....

I often get emotionally involved in other people. For example, strangers on the street crying evoke me to feel rather sad. I don't know why. Maybe I don't actually feel their pain. Maybe it's just a projection of what I think their pain is, put onto me.

Well, that covers strangers. That's pretty deep, isn't for strangers?

You don't know nothing.

One of my close friends was feeling rather... glum, to say the least. I had thoughts racing through my head, I re-read their words several times to get hidden meanings. It was killing me, to see them hurting themselves. I didn't know if they were crying. I assumed that they were on the verge of, and then I cried. I broke down, right there in my room.

So, is it right for me to do this? Is it right for me to project my impressions of other people's emotions onto myself?  bear in mind, this was TEXT, If it was a meatspace situation, who knows? 

Well, at least, I can't let it affect me. For some reason, afterwards, I feel okay. I feel normal-ish. Maybe this is just while the thing is going on. So afterwards, I'm fine...

I guess its the fact that I put others before myself. My first question to anyone is "how are you?" And then I press them even more to reveal exactly... how.

Well, that's great. Hopefully the woman I marry due to my hypersensitivity, will understand.

And don't worry, you. There's a lad out there for you.


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