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A Critique...
Please reader. I would like to claim that I am alive and well. I woke up in the Sheffield park, and now I am fine.

It appeared that the story I was in was easily availible at the behest of Google. Which was nice.

I would like to point out all the flaws in the story. It sucked. Simple as. There was no character development. Usually, there would be a few pop culture references thrown in, but no! There's like two.

Honestly. And the author... who is he? He is a hypocrite. How dare he berate the dashing, handsome, lovely young protagonist for being a fictional entity? He does not even know that he was  a character in his own story!

I was a character in a story about a story!

The poor author. He doesn't even know that he was authored by a higher entity.

I would also like to talk about the lack of a love interest for the main character. The author - the real one - claims to be a metrosexual guy. Would he not sympathise with me? NO! Of course not. The character has to suffer several times, even when during the end, he actually gets sent to another world.

Not on, man. Not on.

Now, on this 'Live Journal', obviously a crappy site for people to post their crappy crappiness full of crap, which is the story in a nutshell, I had seen this story in three parts.

The writing is also bland. Short, very short sentences. No extra words. Simple.

The final characters, both extremely one-dimensional and incredibly idiotic, were just shoehorned in due to outside meddling. I think the author has no guts at all. It's like he had a brainwave after posting it or something.

There was no description of anything and...


CRACK! <dials> Can you please get up here?

Not again... okay hotshot. You have ten seconds to get the fu... pink? Again? Are you on drugs, Hopey? Anyway... ten... nine... forget it.

<blast blast blast>

He's in New Jersey. Why in New Jersey?

Biggest hellhole I could think of.

Dude, you suck. Seriously.

But I...

You don't suck, suck... look, I've got work to do. DO NOT DRAG ME UP HERE AGAIN. I hate going through the fourth wall. Sheffield is far away from Birmingham.



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